About us


AITA Ceramic - Australia International Ceramic, we are a Melbourne-based business with a decade of experience designing and making bearings. We are focused on providing you with the best ceramic bearings.

Our ceramic bearings are designed to perform. While we cannot guarantee you will be faster than others (because it is likely the others are using our bearings too) we can guarantee the energy you save against the friction will help you go faster and further.

Where we find a need, we design a solution. From the most common external bottom brackets to rare ones, our team will work out the best possible solution to apply the ceramic bearings in different systems.

We don't compromise on quality. All our ceramic balls, bearings, aluminium parts, dust cups and seals are meticulously made before being assembled by expert hands. We confidently offer a warranty period twice as long as the industry standard.

We think about all the details so you don't have to. Just enjoy your ride and you are in good hands.