With over decades of experience in designing and manufacturing bearings, AITA Ceramic is a trusted Australian-based business that is committed to delivering high-quality ceramic bearings.

As a trademarked brand, AITA Ceramic has become one of the most popular names in the cycling industry. Our success is based on our reputation for producing top-quality ceramic bearings, bottom brackets, and jockey wheels for bikes, as well as bearings for wheelchairs.

While AITA Ceramic plays a crucial role in our success, we acknowledge that our dealers are also key partners in our business. They are responsible for marketing, supporting, and servicing the products that we create.

We are actively seeking reputable dealers who share our commitment to quality and our vision for success. Our goal is to work collaboratively with our dealers to achieve our shared objectives.

To experience the exceptional smoothness of our ceramic bearings, please reach out to us at to order our Trial Kits. Please note that the trial kits are intended for trial purposes only, and one set per dealer is available.