Handcycle Bearing


"The bearings have been absolutely flawless. They hold up to the permanent 12 degree camber in the wheels of my track chair with ease, and the set in my training wheels get constantly punished by lateral force from my pushing with no sign of giving up, in fact, they only seem to be getting faster! From what I hear, all the other athlete using the bearings are impressed with the smoothness and efficient roll too.

The bearings in my day chair continue to impress me. It’s noticeable when pushing next to other people in chairs, the roll is much more efficient which leads to less load through the shoulders helping them stay healthy and injury free. They also hold up to drops off gutters and being thrown around in the wheel-set day after day without a problem." Sam McIntosh


Sam McIntosh is a distinguished Australian Paralympic athlete who competes in the T52 100m, 200m, and 400m events. He holds 3 Australian National Records and 2 Oceania Records and has represented Australia at multiple Paralympic Games and Para Athletic World Championships.


At AITA Ceramic, we are proud to be one of the first ceramic bearing brands focused on wheelchair sports. We have collaborated with top Australian wheelchair track athletes to develop the most efficient hybrid ceramic bearings for wheelchair sports use. We understand the significance of having a smooth and reliable set of bearings in the wheelchairs to make the day as easy as possible, given the reliance on arm strength to push the chair. Thus, we ensure that our bearings are the most efficient in the heart of the wheels.